About Us

Caroline Properties is a Property Finding and Consulting Service which helps people find the right place to rent or buy in the UK

House hunting can be very time consuming and stressful; we help our clients save time and money by doing the heavy lifting for them so they can focus on other important elements pertaining to their move. 

We do the house hunting for you and manage all pricing negotiations on your behalf. For sales, in addition to househunting and pricing negotiations, we connect you to the right Solicitors and Surveyors here, and manage all communication and administration on your behalf. We also ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.


Our job is done only when the keys are handed over, so we are with you every step of the process.

For your existing property in the UK, we tailor our solution to your situation and ensure you get the maximum yield from your property investment. We provide management services for short term rentals and work with partner Agents to provide management services for long term rentals.

We work solely on our clients behalf so our advice is always only in our clients interests, unlike Estate Agents who also have to manage the sellers interests. Working solely in our clients interests means that we always offer an honest and realistic opinion about the state of a property.

We have good relationships with Estate Agents all over London so we are always up to date with what is new in the market. We also have good relationships with developers, selling agents and private vendors so are able to access off-market properties as well.

If you would like to know more, please give us a call / drop us an e-mail we would love to chat with you.